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We desire to meet and exceed expectations of our shareholder’s investment objectives and those of our clients. In this quest, we rely on strong evidence based research, careful risk analysis and strict compliance to Corporate Governance practices. Although we are geared to spur business development and economic growth, our funding model remain commercially inclined in order to preserve the sustainability of our institution. We are able to provide equity, debt, mezzanine or a combination; and we are interested to invest in other types of shareholding such as preference shares. In order to retain value and avoid gross losses, a security may be required in the form of company or project assets or security by sponsors of the project; or a robust cashflow for the applying business.

It is very important that investments must yield significant socio-developmental impact and preferably, applications may follow aspirations of the growth and development as enshrined in National Strategic Policy roadmaps such as the Vision 2022 and the Government’s Programme of Action of 2013 – 2018 among many others.


We are guided by a number of factors such as the business environment, the industry of interest, the size of investments and the risk associated with the project on whether to invest directly, via a subsidiary, or through a special purpose investment vehicle. Project promotors are therefore encouranged to define the expectations clearly in order to expedite the application and finance packaging process.

Encourage the creation of new knowledge based industries and services; and establishment and growth of new technology based firms and industries