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We participate at four strategic levels of business: -

Private Sector

We invest in Equity and Debt Stocks and provide hybrids depending on the prevailing business circumstance. We are interested in Greenfield and Brownfield projects that meet our investment criteria.


We are assigned by the Government of Eswatini to hold equity stocks in a number of private companies on her behalf. This is to ensure optimal value gains for the shareholder in line with the national development goals and objectives.

Private-Public Partnerships

In quest to expand Government investments into socially beneficial services and fast-track economic development, Government has undertaken to increase her investments into social services, which includes infrastructure development. In this light, we have also been appointed to generate new sources of finance to spur up to productivity, efficiency and revenue generation by identifying and implementing qualifying PPP projects. Working in collabotion with Central Government agencies, we are able to package different types of PPPs based on the purpose, funding structure, operative structure at completion for which the project is required.

Special Sector Development Funds

We are presently managing the Production Incentive Scheme which targets development of the Textiles and Apparels sector in Eswatini. This fund is specially set up to support advancement of production facilities, upskilling of workers and, improvement of efficiencies in the sector.

Encourage the creation of new knowledge based industries and services; and establishment and growth of new technology based firms and industries