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The Corporation is determined to spur up growth in all strategic sectors of the Eswatini's economy. The main aim being to assist them to create sufficient job opportunities to alleviate unemployment. These sectors include the following clusters.

Infrastructure and Engineering

As means to enhance industrial development and spurring economic growth in Eswatini, we are interested to fund new and existing corporations that are aiming to expand output, markets and operations... More

Finance and Financial Services

We understand that a deep financial sector gives strength to the growth of an economy. Therefore we support a variety of new and existing corporations. These corporations must be in synch with the national requirements as regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)... More


We encourage investments into new industries with emphasis on invention and innovation. These enterprises must be geared to either bring into the market new types of industries or be improving existing technology ventures. We therefore also support projects that have graduated from incubation stage under the Royal Science and Technology Park (RSTP)... More


There are variety of sub sectors which are covered in this cluster. Varying selection criterion are used based on the project types, development stage in the business cycle, cost associated with the investment and the general performance of the sub-industry within Eswatini, in the region as well as the world... More

Agriculture and Farming

We finance enterprises in most types of agriculture except for sugar cane. The enterprises must possess strong properties of sustainability with a rich focus on value addition... More


We finance enterprises in most types of agricultural processing except for sugar cane. The enterprises must possess strong properties of sustainability and be biased towards organic production and processing, niche market targeting and substantial innovation... More

Food and Beverages

We finance business undertakings in food processing and those that are within its value chain. In order to support a broad based growth approach, we encourage local enterprises to source their inputs from within Eswatini. The enterprises must geared for long term growth that is sustainable... More

Waste Management and Recycling

The increase in human population and their needs, the sophistication in their lifestyle and the need to preserve the already diminishing natural resources for future use by future generations requires special attention from all stakeholder agencies to manage waste well. We therefore have keen interest to finance enterprises in waste management and recycling...More

Power & Renewable Energy

We are committed to supporting business undertaking towards the generation of energy to supplement local supply. In wake of the global awareness and motivations to avert global warming and its impact, we have strong appetite to finance projects that are aligned to powering Eswatini via renewable energy sources. These projects must however be supported and approved in terms of the Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority’s (SERA) requirements...More

Recreation & Entertainment

We fund new and existing projects whose focus is aligned to the initiative to create fresh insight to entertainment and film production. The projects must be designed to develop and educate the value chain in order to motivate innovation and talent upskilling. The projects must however be packaged as a proper business that generate sustainable income and has good growth prospects...More

Tourism and Adventure

We fund new and existing projects that have a perspective to market Eswatini and support all types of tourism including rural based tourism. The projects must be designed to develop and educate the value chain in order to motivate more innovation and rural income generation especially to slow developing areas of the kingdom...More

Mining and Beneficiation

Realising the positive effects of extracting minerals from the ground and improve their economic value. ENIDC is motivated to invest in the mining sector through establishments that will extract maximum value and spur economic growth as the country has rich deposits of a number of minerals...More

Encourage the creation of new knowledge based industries and services; and establishment and growth of new technology based firms and industries